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Journal of the Korean Society for Environmental Analysis 2018;21(2):87-94.
Study on the Validation of Environmental Test Methods
환경분야 시험 · 검사방법의 유효성 검증 기법 연구
김금희, 홍석영, 유은진, 고상호, 김명옥, 김명진, 김지혜, 이진주, 임보라, 윤숙희, 허유정, 최종우, 정현미, 이신우, 황종연
The results of environmental testing and inspection are important as objective data for judging whether the basic criteria of environmental policies and standards are fulfilled. The results of environmental testing and inspection are measured by standard methods of an environmental analysis (Environmental Test Standards (ES) and Korean Industrial Standards (KS)) for quantifying environmental pollutants in the test samples. Therefore, a procedure is required to provide objective evidence that the standards of environmental analysis are appropriate for use and are reliable and reproducible. This study is performed to establish a quality control plan for standard environmental test methods because the operation management of ES and KS are integrated into the National Institute of Environmental Research. The research conducted on the literature available from all over the world has made it possible to develop quality and validation method for the standard to meet the performance and quality level when test methods are developed. The validation of the environmental test methods in the European Union is carried out in two stages robustness test and inter-laboratory test. Parameters of robustness test include selectivity, sensitivity, detection limit, quantitation limit, medium effect, etc., and involves setting the minimum recommended number of tests and the target value. Therefore, this study aims to establish ‘Guidelines for Validation of Standards of an Environmental field’ to ensure uniformity and accuracy of the methods before enactments and amendments of ES and KS.
Key Words: Environmental Test Standards, Korean Industrial Standards, Method validation, Method verification


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