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Journal of the Korean Society for Environmental Analysis 2008;11(1):55-65.
Applications of High Resolution Mass Spectrometer for the Multi-residual Measurement 1. Organophosphorous Pesticides Group - II
고분해능 질량분석장치를 이용한 동시분석법1. 수계의 유기인계 농약 - II
최재원, 문부식
Minimizing the detection limits of environmental analytical chemistry field is one of the hot issues for risk assessment, data mapping and policy making etc. At present study, measurement conditions using high resolution mass spectrometer with gas chromatograph (GC-HRMS) were optimized for the analysis of organophosphorous pesticides (OP) group-II from ambient water samples. Exact masses for each compound were calculated using exact mass of elements listed in National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Exact masses using selected ion monitoring (SIM) were verified for the target pesticides and internal standards on DB-5MS capillary column. As an internal standard, isotopes of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAHs) were used. High sensitivities and available separations for the pesticides were obtained by grouping test. Calibration curves was performed using 0.5~200 ng/mL with R² value ranges for 0.9945~0.9994. Instrumental recoveries for the known concentrations showed 73~99% with acceptable repeatabilities with some exceptions. Commercially available solid phase extraction cartridges were compared to optimize the sample preparations. ENVI-18 showed the highest recovery ranges with 88~124% for the target compounds.
Key Words: multi-residual measurement, high resolution mass spectrometer, water, organophosphorous pesticide, solid phase extraction


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