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Journal of the Korean Society for Environmental Analysis 2014;17(3):126-134.
Analysis of Carbon Isotope Ratios of Leaves and Resin from Pinus koraiensis with an Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer
IR-MS를 이용한 잣나무 잎 및 추출 BVOCs의 탄소동위원소비 분석 연구
김기준1, 이진선1, 김민섭1, 박현주1, 석광설2, 김정수1, 최광호3, 최경희2
The analysis of stable isotope ratios can be utilized effectively to identify the environmental impact of pollutantsemitted from various sources. When it is necessary to determine the mechanism of various reactionsin the field of air quality, such as ozone and secondary aerosol formation, the isotope ratio analysis can providemore useful information than conventional analytical methods. In particular, the atmospheric effect of biogenicvolatile organic compounds (BVOCs) emitted from trees has been drawing keen attention in recent years. Inthis study, the carbon isotope ratios of resin extracted fromPinus koraiensisleaves, as well as the resinextractedleaves, were analyzed with an isotope ratio mass spectrometer (IR-MS). The delta values of13C ofresin extraction (R) and resin-extracted leaves (L) ranged from –30.74 to –28.64 ‰ and from –30.34 to –27.32‰, respectively. The difference of d13C between resin and leaves were 1.45 ~ 1.70 ‰. This study may be contributeto laying the ground for the stable isotope analysis of BVOCs on which few case studies have beenreported. In the future, it will be necessary to collect more relevant data and analyze the carbon isotopes ofindividual BVOCs.
Key Words: Carbon isotope analysis, IR-MS, Delta value of 13 C, BVOCs, Pinus koraiensis


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