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Journal of the Korean Society for Environmental Analysis 2013;16(1):35-41.
Characteristics of Percutaneous Absorption of Phthalate as Plasticizer
플라스틱 가소제인 phthalate에 대한 경피 흡수 특성 연구
김낙주1, 오은하2, 서한슬2, 정광보3, 윤철훈4
Phthalate is used in a wide range of consumer goods. It has been the subject of great public concern in recent years. It has attracted the attention of extensive uses of this material and issues regarding its safety have been raised. Phthalate is currently used through direct addition in cosmetic products and indirectly in fragrances. The material is listed in the inventory of ingredients employed as a solvent and vehicle in fragrance and cosmetic products, as well as a plasticizer, denaturant, and film former. In this study, using in vitro from Rat phthalate 3 types of skin permeation were studied using matrix such as ointment, cream and lotion in vitro . The absorp-tion of phthalate diesters [Butyl benzyl Phthalate (BBP), dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and Diisobutyl Phthalate (DIBP)] has been measured in vitro through rat skin. Epidermal membranes were set up in Franz diffusion cells and their permeability to PBS measured to establish the integrity of the skin before the phthalate were applied to the epidermal surface. Absorption rates for each phthalate ester were determined and permeability assess-ment made to quantify any irreversible alterations in barrier function due to contact with the esters. Types of phthalate in vitro experimental results on DBP > DIBP > BBP quickly appeared in the following order: skin permeation was beneficial to the skin permeation small molecular weight, the difference in chemical structure,such as hydrophilic, because with the partition coefficient and solubility mechanisms and passive diffusion to increase the speed at which transmission is considered. As the esters became more lipophilic and less hydro-philic, the rate of absorption was reduced
Key Words: Plasticizer, Phthalate, Percutaneous absorption, Skin permeation rate, in vitro


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