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Journal of the Korean Society for Environmental Analysis 2012;15(3):224-233.
Persistent Characteristics and Risk Assessment of Organic Chlorinated Pesticides in the Nakdong River Basin
낙동강수계의 유기염소계 농약류 잔류특성과 위해성 평가
박노진1, 옥곤1, 허성남2, 임영경2, 이재관2
Five organic chlorinated pesticides (OCPs) were monitored for the water samples in the Nakdong river basin. Samples were collected from the 33 representative points and the 5 industrial complex discharge points over 6 sampling events. Heptachlor and trans-heptachlor epoxide were not detected for all samples while dieldrin was detected once at the first sampling event. The measured concentrations of hexachlorobenzene and cis-heptachlor epoxide for the representative sites ranged from N.D to 0.0057 ng/L and from N.D to 0.078 ng/L,respectively. The levels of hexachlorobenzene and cis-heptachlor epoxide were N.D to 0.173 ng/L and N.D to 0.134 ng/L, respectively. It seems like that risk at the monitored level of organic chlorinated pesticide was not serious. However, the maximum concentration of cis-heptachlor epoxide exceeded the water quality criteria (WQC) of U.S EPA. The average concentrations of organic chlorinated pesticides for the industrial complex discharge points were relatively higher than those for the representative sites of the Nakdong river, however,the risk by industrial OCP discharge seems also not serious.
Key Words: organic chlorinated pesticides, water quality criteria, risk assessments


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