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Journal of the Korean Society for Environmental Analysis 2012;15(2):133-140.
Characteristics of Mercury emitted from Waste Incinerators
폐기물소각시설의 수은 배출 특성
박정민1, 정노을1, 조명란1, 강경희1, 이상보1, 이상학2, 홍지형1, 이석조1
In this study, mercury emissions from waste incineration(municipal, hazardous, medical, sludge) in Korea,were measured. Hg contained in waste vaporizes during waste incineration and is emitted through the stack. Waste incinerators(municipal, hazardous, medical, sewage sludge) are recognized as a major source of Hg emission into the atmosphere. However, waste composition varies widely depending on economic condition,technologies in use, management practices, handling and treatment of such wastes. On an average, Hg emission concentrations from municipal waste incineration ranged from 13.50 to 36.50 μg/Sm^3 and 1.96 to 4.71 μg/Sm^3,at inlet and outlet of APCDs, respectively. This corresponds to removal efficiency of 84.4%. Small-capacity incinerators showed higher Hg emissions, in general. Hg emission concentrations from hazardous waste incineration ranged from 67.33 to 563.16 μg/Sm^3 and 120.97 to 129.68 μg/Sm^3, at inlet and outlet of APCDs,respectively. The municipal wastes contain relatively less Hg, compared to hazardous wastes, leading to lower Hg concentration in flue gas emission. Average Hg emission concentrations from medical waste incineration were 475.95 μg/Sm^3 and in the range of 123.87 to 51.48 μg/Sm^3, at inlet and outlet of APCDs, respectively. While, average Hg emission concentrations from sewage sludge incineration were 251.23 μg/Sm^3 and 16.66 μg/Sm^3, at inlet and outlet of APCDs, respectively. Hg emission factors estimation for waste incineration was based on the sampling concentration of Hg, flue gas exhaust rate and waste burned. Waste types varied, depending on different type of incinerators: municipal, hazardous, medical waste. Hg sources are to be continued to be measured in the future to have a clear scenario of Hg emission from the country and to apply for effective control measures.
Key Words: mercury emission, waste incineration, Hg emission factor


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