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Journal of the Korean Society for Environmental Analysis 2011;14(4):213-220.
Emission Characteristics of PCDDs/DFs and Gaseous Matter from Waste Wood Incinerators
폐목재 소각시설에서의 다이옥신과 가스상 물질의 배출 특성
김남찬, 이재인
In this study, the emission characteristics of PCDDs/DFs and gaseous matter from waste wood incinerators with capacity of 0.06~0.18ton/hr was evaluated based on the type and general features of waste wood; industrial pallet (material lumber), waste furnitures (medium density fiberboard, MDF), mixture of pallet and waste furniture, dismantling wood from construction work (material lumber) and waste vessels. The emission concentrations of PCDDs/DFs were 0.137, 1.835, 9.665, 6.585 and 128.316 ng-iTEQ/Sm³ for pallet+MDF, pallet,MDF, dismantling wood from construction work and waste vessels, respectively. The concentrations of PCDDs/DFs from the first four incinerators were lower than the allowable exhaust standard of 10 ng-iTEQ/Sm³, but that from the last incinerator was almost 13 times higher than standard. In the distribution ratio of PCDFs and PCDDs, the former was more higher than the latter in all incinerators. CO concentrations of three incinerators were under the allowable exhaust standards, 200 ppm, and it could mean that the incineration of waste wood was operated with good combustion conditions. The emission concentration of sulfur oxides were not detected or very low compared with the allowable exhaust standards, 100 ppm. In all incinerators, the emission of nitrogen oxides was under the allowable exhaust standards, 150 ppm.
Key Words: PCDDs/DFs, Gaseous Matter, Small Capacity Incinerators, Industrial Pallet, Waste Furnitures,Mantling Wood


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