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Journal of the Korean Society for Environmental Analysis 2008;11(3):189-195.
Physicochemical Characteristic of Drinking Water in the Longevity Villages
장수촌 지역 음용수의 물리화학적 특성
양경철1, 전경수1, 이덕수1, 류재근2
The purpose of this study is to compare the physicochemical characteristics between drinking water of longevity village and general tap water. Moreover, this study discusses the effect of longevity and health by examining the mineral content and components of both waters. The physicochemical characteristics of the samples were analyzed by using ICP-MS, electrical potentiometer, pH meter, ORP sensor, osmotic pressure analyzer, IR and X-ray. Dissolved substances in two types of water satisfied the water quality standard, and toxic substances were not detected. Therefore, the two types of water were suitable for drinking. According to the results, the mineral content in drinking water from longevity village was much higher than in general tap water. In case of pH, the drinking water of longevity village showed weak alkali property than general tap water. It can be concluded that weak alkali is of help to keep the hydrogen ion concentration of human body in balance. According to the measurement of Oxidation-reduction potential, general tap water has an oxidation-potential, while the drinking water of longevity village has a reduction potential. Residual chlorine causes general tap water to have the oxidation potential. The result of osmotic pressure analysis showed that osmotic pressure value of the drinking water of longevity village was higher than that of general tap water. Therefore, the drinking water of longevity village makes stable structure with small cluster than the general tap water. From the X-ray result, the structures of the dissolved chemicals are the same for the drinking water of longevity village and general tap water. But the dissolved chemical's structure varies a little according to type and content. In conclusion, the delicate differences found in the physicochemical characteristics of both waters and have an effect on human health.
Key Words: drinking water, longevity village, human health, physicochemical characteristic


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